Here you can get a free download and print TESCO Bill Online. You can instantly see and print TESCO Bill. If you want to check your TESCO bill online, enter your bill reference number and click Generate Bill.


How To Check TESCO Online Bill?

How to check the TESCO online bill you will need 14 dights reference number and then get your TESCO online bill. If you don't know where to find the TESCO bill reference number, Please see the picture below.

How many district bills can you see in TESCO?

TESCO stands for Trible Areas Electric Supply Company. TESCO cover these areas, Bajaur Agency, Miran Shah, Parachinar, Wana, Razmak, Sadda, Lower Dir, Landi Kotal, Mir Ali Mirali, Jandola, Ladha, Makin.